Black History – Poems




Ms. Simmons captures the rich history of African Americans so vividly in these poems. Her words reach your soul as she brings forth her passion for the culturally diverse world that we live in.

—Brenda S. Lewis, Director, The Simmons Multicul- tural Center, Florida Southern College, Lakeland, FL


Evett’s beautiful, heart-felt poetry reminds us of our shared humanity and the importance of standing together, strongly united, against prejudice and in- justice. Her wisdom knows that the world thrives when we love and respect all of our brothers and sisters, and all of life.

—Elaine McArdle, Senior Editor, UU World Mag- azine


Very nicely done…you hit all the pieces of black his- tory.

—Wilhelmina Tribble, founder and President of Lowe Tribble & Associates, Inc., Orlando FL


I love what you are doing to make a difference through your poetry. You will make a difference and are. Keep being that woman of God, He delights in you!

—Renee Sonne, Advisor, Swimmer, and Grand- mother, Phoenix, AZ


A poignant telling of the journey of Black Ameri- cans, from their capture and enslavement through their struggles for physical, economic and emotional freedom. A beautiful and essential part of American history.”

—Padrick Pinkney, Esquire, Vice President, Unity Property Development Corporation, Inc., Port St. Lucie, FL


Evett’s poems have captured the history and the pain, a hunger for dignity in the human form, the shame and the fear, and yet, she also leaves us with hope, a ray  of light in the darkness. Growing up  in war-torn Northern Ireland during the 1970’s I lived through the violence and the struggle for hu- man rights, watched my father’s struggle when his restaurant was bombed, heard the cries of suffering and inequality. A different time, a different place, but Evett’s words signify for the human race.

—Trina Angelone, CEO, Virtual Schools of Excel- lence and Head of Schools, St. Andrew’s Episcopal Academy , Fort Pierce, Florida


Black History relates the story of black liberation in America through the lens of a gifted poet who by grace and good fortune has attained the American dream. Born of her life story, the music and the refrains of this inspiring collection do not quickly leave the reader. And what will linger longest are the passages where she addresses young people who are headed down the wrong path in life:

You must rid yourself of the badges of slavery,

The shackles that keep you down,

You must look at life in a positive light

Making decisions that are just and sound.


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