A Special Bowl of Oatmeal


For stepmothers, foster mothers and guardians everywhere! What does it mean to be a mother? As Evett Simmons learned when she lost her mother at age 10 and was raised by her aunt: a mother is not necessarily the person who gave birth to you.  A Special Bowl of Oatmeal, a book for children and the young at heart, opens with a young girl aged seven being dropped off and abandoned at a hospital. Dirty and with a head full of curly, uncombed hair, the girl begins to cry. A stranger sees her and strikes up a conversation:

“Where is your mother?” the stranger asks.

“Whatsa Mother anyways?” the girl asks in reply.

The stranger then asks the little girl, “What’s your favorite food?”

“Oatmeal with lots of sugar,” says the little girl.

The stranger then explains that mothers are like a special bowl of oatmeal. “Mothers are soft and tender; ever so sweet; and make you feel warm and full inside. When you are lonely, sad or even scared, she will wrap you in her arms and make you feel warm and protected,” says the stranger.

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Paperback, 30 pages, 8″ x 7″ (landscape)

Category: Children’s picture book

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Most children’s picture books on adoption are geared towards infant adoptions. But what if your special adoptive child finds you when he or she is older? Issues of abandonment are common. A Special Bowl of Oatmeal tells the story of a seven year-old girl whose mother has dropper her off at a local Emergency Room and disappears. A caring nurse befriends the frightened child and learns that she’s been abandoned by an uncaring foster mom. When the girl asks, “Whatsa Mother anyways?” The nurse’s heart breaks and then gathering herself she asks the girl what her favorite food is. The girl responds, “Oatmeal with lots of sugar.” “Well that’s what a mother is like–a bowl of sugared oatmeal.” Thus ensues a lovely story about how moms are not only “firm and lumpy” but also soft and tender. Beautifully illustrated with watercolor paintings by South Florida artist, Sam Nagel, A Special Bowl of Oatmeal offers a non-religious take on adoption that that will explain to your older adoptee what the true love of a mother is all about.

“You know how, when you dig your spoon into the bowl and put that first spoon of oatmeal into your mouth? It tastes so sweet and good from all that suger…That is like all the sweet things that a Mother would do for you to make life more fun. On Christmas and birthdays, she would buy you gifts and let you help her decorate, bake cookies, brownies, and even cupcakes.”

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Book info: Paperback, 30 pages, 8″ x 7″ (landscape), $8.00

Category: Children’s picture book, perfect for ages 3-7

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