Sun Up to Sun Down – Revisited Again


Just as the title suggests, this soulful collection of poems, prayers, and prose pieces represents moments from every aspect of life. Evett Simmons reflects on the whole gamut of our existence, from birth to death—from marriage to the afterlife. While God is never far from her thoughts, strong emotions boil over at every turn. Fear, compassion, anger, joy, lust, humility, praise, worry, and gentleness all take their bows. Take this passage, for example:


Friendships start as chilly winter,

But end as sweaty summer.


Or this:


Mama, what is love?

Love brings Happiness and

Happiness sparks Giving.


There are cautionary tales and notes of encouragement; there are poems written for special occasions and to celebrate shining moments in our history, like the election of our first Black president. There’s humor too, as in the poem “Preamble to a Diet”:


Here I go again Lord.

I will start my diet tomorrow…


There is biting sarcasm:



Help me to understand a

Religion based on forgiveness

But practices retribution.


There are beautiful prayers of supplication:


Dear God—

Help me to be a conduit for Your blessings

And a mouthpiece for Your Kingdom.


What is most striking about this collection is the extraordinary moral weight that Simmons herself brings to bear on her subject matter. Born of her life story, the music and the refrains do not quickly leave the reader. And what will linger longest are the passages where she addresses young people who are headed down the wrong path in life:


You must rid yourself of the badges of slavery,

The shackles that keep you down,

You must look at life in a positive light

Making decisions that are just and sound.

You must think of yourself as a spiritual part of the whole,

The whole of a race filled with might.

You must continue to struggle being very bold,

And not be afraid of the light.


As we learn from the pages of this profound collection, Simmons is someone who has seen the darkness—and she did not let it overwhelm her.


Let Sun Up to Sun Down – Revisited Again be your trusted guidebook to keep life’s important reminders close at hand.

Trade paperback book, 142 pages, 6″ x 9″, $15.00

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(sample poem from the book)

Children what I have to say to you
Is surely not a lie.
Just by turning eighty doesn’t mean I’m about to die.

It matters not what statisticians
May say
Because I said, “Busy death, step out
My way.”

To tell you the truth I am a young
Thing still.
And He won’t be taking me against
My will.

Look at you, thirty and aching and
Just go right ahead and keep up that

Old Death is gonna sweep you right off
Your feet,
And rob your feeble body of all
Its heat.
I’ll be right here just as fine as
I please,
Sitting here rocking and enjoying
This breeze.

My hands are shaking and my feet may
Be slow.
But whenever I want, I get up
And go.

Too bad you young folks aren’t spring chicks
Like me.
But as long as you think old, old you
Will be.

(sample poem from the book)

I am an Angel now.

Some say I was an Angel before
Because I enjoyed helping people.
I worked with my parents to make
Their business successful.
I worked in my classes to make
My family and teachers proud.
I worked on my golf and tennis.
My coaches were pleased.
I worked at my friendships.
I wanted my friends to be happy.
I wanted to be the best—
The best daughter; the best sister;
The best niece; the best Godchild.
I wanted to the best on earth.

But I am an Angel now.

It is amazing that in only nineteen
Short years I did so much.
I had a good life.
I had a special life.
I had a life filled with love, joy,
Challenges, family and friends.
In just nineteen years I had
A complete life.

But I am an Angel now.

I am sorry to leave you so quickly.
I am sorry leaving has caused such grief.
I am sorry I did not give you a warning.

But I am an Angel now.

As the song goes,
“I can fly.
I can touch the sky.
I can spread my wings and
Do most anything.”

I am an Angel now.

You will weep for a while.
Then you will remember the
Fun things that I did;
The caring and the sharing
That I represented.
Your weeping will become smiling.
And I will smile with you.
Because I love you.

I am an Angel now.

And I wish for you to be happy
And to reach for the best
And be the best because
the best in life is what I represented.

Then one day,
God willing.
We will be Angels together.

*written for Amy Yi Nu Shih born January 23, 1979 and departed February 23, 1998.

Trade paperback book, 142 pages, 6″ x 9″, $15.00

View on Amazon.


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