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Evett’s wisdoms have helped many on their path to self-discovery and building confidence and courage in their lives. Read on, be inspired, and feel free to share with others…

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On young women and young men and the challenges they face:

I want to help you realize how important it is to contribute positively to society, to lend a helping hand and stop being so self-focused. I fear that the path you may take will not lead you to the place you want to be.

On Faith:

My faith is centered on inspiring and encouraging others to grasp their inner strength. God must have me here for something and I want people to know that I’m standing on so many shoulders that came before me.

On Dreams:

Don’t give up and don’t be afraid to dream big and reach out of your comfort zone because you might be surprised-as I was-that your dreams, ignited by faith with work, and monitored with humility can become a reality.

On older women who feel like life is passing them by:

We have to stop confusing movement with progress. We keep going over the same ground confusing the two. We must get back to the business of gathering sticks to build a fire to stay warm rather than simply talking about the fire and wondering why we are cold.

On children:

I never had children of my own, though I have many godchildren, nieces, and nephews, as well as protect the interest of children in my law practice. However, I enjoy being a messenger for children: delivering a message a child needs to hear or assisting a child in delivering a message that child needs to tell.

On The Church Community:

The church community got me to where I am now. I want to reach people through my experiences and help them with their experiences. My strength is through my faith, but for the grace of God I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Being a vehicle of vulnerability, you have the same problems as those around you and you can be an advocate, messenger, vehicle, and ambassador of change to help others.



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Evett Simmons
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Evett actively supports the communities in which she serves, providing guidance to young people so that they will grow into loving and responsible adults, having a healthy faith in God. She believes that all people should be able to follow their dreams, encounter life’s challenges, embrace their faith, and refuse to be held back by fear. Lastly, Evett realizes if we do not create our rainbow from the beginning, we will not find our pot of gold at the end.

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