From her motivational poetry books and children’s books filled with nurturing guidance, to her speaking presentations, Evett is a trusted voice and resource for parents, teachers, church groups, community leaders, event organizers, and more…
Evett Simmons is a warmhearted person of great depth, knowledge, joy, and inspiration. Her long and storied journey has brought her to this moment of collecting lifelong wisdoms and sprinkling them to a larger community of welcoming listeners. For Evett Simmons, life is about believing.

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Starting with God above all else, her strength is in her belief, and that is her guiding light. Evett sees the world around her as a community, connected by spirit, with no one person better than another, no matter the color of their skin, their financial worth, or their education level. There is more to us than that which we can see, and getting beyond that notion is very important to Evett Simmons.

Evett wants to pay forward the many gifts she has been given. She invites you to be inspired by the things that have inspired her and use that inspiration to be a catalyst to do good in your encounters with others.

“I have always believed that what you are is God’s gift to you and what you make of yourself is your gift to God.”
“We can’t get there unless we embrace what we believe. What commits us to embrace what we believe is love, but you can’t see love. You feel love, and love is spirit and God.”



Phone: 772-342-7713


Evett Simmons
145 NW Central Park Plaza
Suite 115
Port St. Lucie, FL 34986


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Evett actively supports the communities in which she serves, providing guidance to young people so that they will grow into loving and responsible adults, having a healthy faith in God. She believes that all people should be able to follow their dreams, encounter life’s challenges, embrace their faith, and refuse to be held back by fear. Lastly, Evett realizes if we do not create our rainbow from the beginning, we will not find our pot of gold at the end.

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